What is StartMeUp?

Project StartMeUp is a university-wide program, whose mission is to motivate students and alumni to actively discover new innovations and start new businesses, as well as non-profit organizations or community programs.

We actively accelerate those who relentlessly pursue opportunities to better equip them for long-term success. We strive for the right balance of supporting, coaching, and challenging our aspiring entrepreneurs so they are better prepared to face their toughest, most volatile critic - the market.  

Enactus StartMeUp (SMU) is a comprehensive network of initiatives that has already empowered thousands with the tools necessary to start and expand their ventures. Through mentorship, education, and competition, SMU equips their entrepreneurs with an arsenal of knowledge, resources, funding, and meaningful connections.


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Project Manager

TJ Driediger

Email: taylor.driediger@ryerson.ca

New Venture Competition 2018 winners

New Venture Competition 2018 winners