Many people may find it difficult to incorporate sculptures into their interior design plans. Experts may find sculptures intimidating because they take up too much space and are heavy. They will often choose two-dimensional designs. It can be difficult to incorporate sculptures in small apartments. However, there is an intimate line of figurative sculptures available in many sizes and spaces.

This blog article will show you how to incorporate sculptures strategically into your space to give it depth and character.

How To Strategically Incorporate Sculptures In Your Space?

Sculpture On Wheels

Today, the joy and surprise that come upon finding a mobile sculpture in a home are still attractive. The concept of suspended forms allows for movement between objects, creating a relaxing and even hypnotizing effect on the viewer. Mobiles can be strategically placed in a staircase, corner, or even over a table or daybed.

Choosing sculptures as focal points in their rooms.

The focal point sets the tone for the rest of the elements. Everyone who enters the foyer will be drawn to the large, sturdy marble art sculptures. It is the focal point that immediately grabs attention. If you are interested in highlighting a small sculpture, a pedestal would be a good investment.

Small Sculptures For Small Spaces

Take Into Account The Smallest Possible Size.

Most of us don’t live in huge villas with large open spaces and suitable for monumental sculptures. We all have empty shelves that can accommodate small-scale, unique works. Open shelves and coffee tables are great options for sculptures between 5-12 inches in height. When placed among other objects (lamps, clocks, books, and so on), small sculptures can give a relaxed, bohemian vibe to the space. You can place a small sculpture under a lamp on your bedside tables and let the light enhance its beauty.

The Use Of Sculpture As A Plinth Or Pillar

A plinth can be used to display sculpture formally and elegantly. It can be used for almost all objects, and it gives height and grandeur. It is smart to add sculpture to your home to act as a pillar, as it is a good way to add an artsy feel to your home. This sculpture can be placed in any corner, a window bay, etc.

You Can Add A Sense Of Playfulness To Your Pace.

You can add a playful touch to your home with sculptures of cartoon characters or animals. The combination of humor and elegance in animal portraits can bring joy to the viewer and evoke feelings of nostalgia. Keeping them in your living area can act as a conversation starter. You can display them at your front door or in your children’s bedroom. Bright, vibrant and vivid color portrayals of wild animals or domestic pets are a great way to brighten up your day. You can find the full list here of sculptures of cartoon characters or animals.

Therefore, sculptures no longer belong to wealthy collectors or museums. Anyone can have a unique work of art in their home these days. Many styles and sizes are available for sculptures, from classic antique-inspired pieces to contemporary, realistic, abstract, and minimalist pieces. It is easy to incorporate these into any interior design project due to their versatility. Sculptures used in interior design can add beauty and individuality to any space. If you haven’t already, it is time to use sculptures to bring life and beauty to your home, making it more welcoming.

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