What is Pura?

Pura's implementation model starts by partnering with local potters in target communities, where clean drinking water is a luxury. In these regions, pottery is often a traditional craft that generates a lower income than required to sustain a family. Addressing this, passionate potters demonstrating financial need are selected to be ‘waterpreneurs’. They are taught how to manufacture the clay filters that resemble the clay pots already used for storage of drinking water. In addition, they receive entrepreneurial education coupled with a micro-loan to jumpstart water sanitation businesses. This addresses three problems in the identified areas: lack of economic opportunity for artisans, endangerment of traditional culture, and lack of access to clean drinking water. Thus far, Pura has empowered 46 active waterpreneurs who created filters to purify 1,960,000 litres of water, which have enabled 31,000 people to gain access to clean drinking water.


Project Manager

Samarth Arabastani

Email: sarabast@ryerson.ca

Samarth is a fourth year Electrical Engineering student. At the age of 10, he emigrated to Canada from his home in Gujarat, India. He was fortunate enough to have been brought up with the notion that he could achieve whatever he wanted, allowing him to pursue a degree in electrical engineering, among other accomplishments. However, his eyes were always open to the fact that others have not had such a fortunate upbringing. People from across the world are limited in their ability because they lack essentials such as clean drinking water, which he believes is a human right. According to the World Health Organization, one billion people globally do not have access to safe drinking water. He saw this inequality in his home state of Gujarat, where one in three people do not have this basic necessity. Seeing such a global problem within his backyard, he became passionate about finding a solution. Through the support of faculty and fellow students at Ryerson, he founded Pura.