Global studies major can allow one to choose from a huge variety of entry-level jobs. There are many opportunities which can allow one to expose themselves to the international relations which can help one with global studies skills. Here are some different types of entry-level jobs for global studies major.

Civil service workers

As a career as a civil services workers, which requires a solid understanding of national and global issues. This is one of the great ways to help ensure that you have the right human rights issues. US trade opportunities, business processes and promotion of US diplomatic efforts.

Congressional aide


A congressional aide who can allow one to get researching legislative bills to organise administrative logistics which can allow one to attend a meeting with the congressperson and communicate with the public and government officials which can work on their behalf.

Embassy assistant

You can easily succeed as consular assistance which can help one understand their responsibility which can work with the immigrant as well as non-immigrant visa processing, conducting outreach which can help people with immigration policies.

Management consultant

This is another excellent option which will ensure that you can access and explore your interests in access to help ensure that you can take up the field management consulting. You will have to share your expertise and knowledge with your clients by adding a fresh perspective to each and every project which comes with certain results and solutions.

HR for a global company

You can work as an HR for a global company; you can assist people with day to day human resources functions like bringing in employees and training, updating organisational records and employee and employer relations. You can get yourself in the global when it comes to an understanding diverse, multicultural staff.

Humanitarian relief worker

As a humanitarian relief worker, you will work for the frontline of areas which can work for the need for emergency aid. You can work with a team which will allow you to coordinate the plans during a disaster by natural sources. You can also make sure that people are making use of the things provided in an efficient manner.


International development consultant

An international development consultant generally works with international clients based on the projects and teams. They provide direction and management relationships which can help one to track the right progress of specific projects which can ensure that you have the right goals met.

International relations specialists

International relations specialists allow one to focus on expanding a particular company which can work by analysing the business strategies and foreign policies from the global perspectives. You will also learn to be responsible for PR campaigns and communication with international clients.