Pine cones are versatile art objects bestowed upon us by nature. When the holiday season commences in Canada, people stock their baskets and empty crates with pine cones of all shapes and sizes. For those looking to deck their houses with boughs of holly and pine cone christmas wreaths canada is the right place. The country is blessed with filled a lush abundance of pine trees that give you amazing pine cones. If you are interested in making seasonal decorations, you can find the full list here.

There is so much you can do with pine cones. You can fill a tall glass vase or a clear glass bowl with pine cones and use it as a centerpiece. Or paint them in bright, lively hues to add a touch of color to the room. However, if making a pine cone Christmas wreath is your ambitious project, let’s start making it right away.

Pine Cone Wreath -Materials Needed

To get started on your pet project, you will need:

  • Approximately 100 long, short, and small pine cones
  • One 18-inch wire wreath frame
  • 20-30 gauge floral wire
  • Wire pieces
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Hot glue

Point to note: Ensure that all the pine cones are dry. An easy way to dry wet cones is to line them on a cookie tray and pop them in an oven at a low temperature. Divide your pine cones according to size.

Step-By-Step Tutorial To Create Your Wreath

Step 1:

The first step is to create the base layer to make a strong wreath. You can use the long cones and the larger ones to make the base layer. Arrange the pine cones facing outward on the outer ring of the wreath. Fix each pine cone individually onto the frame with short pieces of wire. Once you’ve secured the entire outer ring, run a long piece of wire in and out of the secured cones for added strength and stability.

Step 2:

Arrange the second layer of pine cones taking care to overlap the base layer. Make sure you pick the little knob off the bottom of the pinecone before you lay them over the base layer. Repeat the steps similar to the base layer. You may repeat this step with more pine cones to make a thicker wreath.

Step 3:

Your pine cone wreath is now ready to adorn your front door! Fill the gaps in your wreath with smaller cones. You can also use hot glue to secure the pine cones. Decorate your wreath using a bow and other decorative ornaments.

If you prefer an organic shape for your wreath, arrange the pine cones naturally with different shapes and sizes. Want to enhance the look of your wreath? Tie up bundles of bright red or pink peppercorn, rosemary sprigs, lavender, or dried stalks of wheat and barley. You can also twist a garland of fresh flowers around the wreath to complete its natural look.

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