Our Team

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Rand Abou Ras


Rand is a third year Entrepreneurship student at Ryerson University. She started her Enactus journey in her first year when she was contemplating dropping-out of school because she wasn't getting the business experience she was looking for, and the curriculum didn't match her interest. She was introduced to Enactus by her Strategies for Success professor and facilitator. Joining Enactus opened her eyes to so many different opportunities and to the positive change business and entrepreneurship can bring to somebody's life.

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Jennifer Truong

Executive Vice President

Jennifer is a third year Economics and Science Management major. She is currently Executive Vice President and was the Vice President of Events the previous school year. She joined Enactus to gain insight and inspiration from the various projects and departments, and hopes to develop and improve her skills to eventually run her own project. This upcoming year, she looks forward to building a community between the new and current generation of Enactus members by supporting and connecting them to resources to achieve their goals.

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Emma Young-Buchalter

Vice President of Marketing

Emma is in her third year, majoring in Marketing Management. She decided to take on the role of Vice President of Marketing after enjoying her time as a Social Media Director the previous year. She joined Enactus because she liked that the organization was using business for the greater good. She is excited to increase awareness around campus as well as outside of campus during the school year.

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Daphne Tsang

Vice President of Creative

Daphne is in her fourth year, majoring in Film. She was a part of the creative team as a Graphic Designer in the previous year and is the current Co-Vice President of Creative in Enactus Ryerson. She joined Enactus Ryerson for several reasons. Not only was she determined to form new friendships and expand her networking, she wanted to give back to the community. 

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Sarah Lasagna

Vice President of Creative

Sarah is in her final year of the Marketing Management Co-op Program, and she is looking forward to being Co-Vice President of the Creative Department this year. She joined Enactus in 2016 because she was passionate about volunteering, creating change and tackling issues from the ground up. She is looking forward to creating content for Enactus this year!

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Aayushi Sharma

Vice President of Human Resources

Aayushi is a third year student, majoring in Human Resource Management and minoring in French. As a first year, she didn’t know how she would ever bridge the gap between her educational interests and her passion for making the world a better place. Discovering and joining Enactus showed her that with creativity, compassion, and the positive power of entrepreneurship, the ways in which we can make a real, lasting difference in the world is unimaginable. 

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Sanaa Kahloan

Vice President of Finance

Sanaa is in her second year in the Accounting and Finance Management Co-op program. She initially joined Enactus because she wanted to partake in something that would make her feel like she’s involved in more than just academics at TRSM and wanted to be an active change-maker at her school. This year, she is looking forward to continuing her journey with the organization and contributing to the financial endeavours of the student group.

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Dilpreet Singh Matharoo

Vice President

Dil is a third year Global Management Studies student and he started his journey with Enactus as a Creative Associate looking to improve his photography skills but instead was quickly drawn to the mantra "Profit with a Purpose". Throughout his time at Enactus Ryerson he has focused on creating environmental impact initiatives that leverage empowerment of youth and entrepreneurship to create overall impact through business. He hopes to bring social and environmental impact focused practices to large corporations to truly make a shift to creating better business practices for the future. 


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