Who We Are:

Enspire is Enactus Ryerson’s conference designed to educate and inspire delegates about how to create a better world for us all. At its core, the focus is entrepreneurship and sustainability and the mission is built on 3 pillars: social, economic and environmental change. These pillars act as a framework to assist in achieving our goal of solving real world problems, utilizing sustainable innovation as a backbone to what we do.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to ignite a powerful conversation about sustainable change via entrepreneurship, while empowering delegates to create an actionable change within their communities and the people who inhabit them. Our goal is to culminate the next generation of the change-makers, go-getters, barrier breakers, and the tomorrow takers through a platform that gives students the tool to succeed in entrepreneurial ventures.

What We Do:

A Launchpad for Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs

Enspire is a platform for idea generation and proactive implementation. We invite all visionary futurists and enthusiasts who are passionate about progress to share their ideas about change-making.

We facilitate student leaders to understand the impact they can make via the power of collaboration. We assist in developing ideas by providing mentorship and inspiring leadership for delegates and key stakeholders in our community.

This is done through breaking barriers, creating a culture of positivity, and collaborating to provide students with an intuitive approach to problem solving.

What We Offer:

Over two days of mental creativity, students interact with social entrepreneurs and industry innovators that will educate on how to design a sustainable future. Delegates can expect to network with stimulating speakers and engage in a curated and interactive panel discussion about community development. Lastly, the conference enhances personal and professional goals though captivating and participatory workshops, aiding delegates to take the next step in future making.

Pull up a chair—join us. You’re in for a ride.

A Case Competition, Done Differently

This year, we are introducing an experiential case exploration, where students receive the opportunity to collaborate on providing a tangible solution to a real world problem.

What is a case exploration?

Think about a hackathon, but better. We utilize design thinking and a pitch competition to allow students to enhance their ideas and explore the waterfall, lean startup and agile methodologies. Students also get a chance to network with leading entrepreneurs who will also act as mentors in developing disruptive and innovative solutions.

Innovate and Collaborate

We believe in the importance of building bridges. We offer a platform for like-minded individuals  who may have different skill-sets to come together and achieve something inspirational. We believe by connecting community leaders, sharing perspective and discovering new passions, we prove that sustainability is the answer.

We invite you to bring your diverse experiences to be part of this conversation and collaborate with your team, our team, and community leaders to create something that will last a lifetime.

The one question we leave for you: what impact will you make? The possibilities are endless.

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Ignite a Conversation.

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Qudsiya Jabeen

Email: qudsiya.jabeen@ryerson.ca

Qudsiya is a RTA Media Production student going into her second year. She was the Marketing Associate for Enactus Ryerson’s first conference and is the Co-Chair for the 2018-2019 year. Qudsiya joined Enactus because she believes in the impact that happens when visionaries and enthusiasts come together. She is excited about igniting a powerful conversation around sustainable innovation and inspiring actionable change.

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Ravin Ramnarain

Email: rramnarain@ryerson.ca

Ravin is a third year Business Management student majoring in Economics and Management Sciences. He was previously a Corporate Relations Associate for Enspire. Ravin joined Enactus because he saw the ability for growth, as well as the overall impact of Enspire. He believes those who come to Enactus with a positive attitude and outlook will be successful as opportunities surrounding the organization are always presenting themselves.


Details & Application:

Join 85+ delegates across all faculties at Enactus Ryerson’s ENSPIRE Conference.

Date: March 22nd-23rd, 2019

Location: The DoubleTree Hotel, Toronto ON

Fee: From $60

Apply now: https://goo.gl/forms/ojHhjtQ2Vnf8FurL2 

Applications close February 15th, 2019.

*Spots are limited per faculty*