We provide newcomers foundational business and financial knowledge.

Enactus Ryerson’s Project Welcome is dedicated to helping hundreds of newcomers that arrive in Canada each year. At Project Welcome, we provide newcomers foundational business and financial knowledge to not only help with adjusting to life in Canada, but to leave a lasting impact. By having access to valuable education, training, resources and mentorship, participants can turn their entrepreneurial ideas into a reality – free of charge!

Business Focus

While newcomers arrive to Canada with valuable skills in a broad range of fields, they are often forced into lower-paid jobs that do not match their potential, in order to survive in the Canadian economy. Statistically-speaking, however, 20 per cent of newcomers are interested in starting businesses upon arrival to Canada, but lack access to the tools and knowledge needed to operate a successful business in Canada.

By offering valuable services to newcomers with high entrepreneurial spirits, Project Welcome aims to help newcomers take their ideas to the next level. By starting their own businesses with hands-on training and real life experience, newcomers will not only be able to contribute their own expertise to the Canadian society, but also be empowered to become active and engaged leaders in the business world.


Financial Literacy Education: Project Welcome offers practical financial literacy modules that will help newcomers master their finances and easily integrate into Canada. Some of our modules include currency exchange, living costs in Canada, budgeting, banking, credit, paying for school, and taxes.

Business Education: Project Welcome offers various events and hands on workshops led by industry professionals focused on real-world skills and opportunities to help participants start and grow their businesses in Canada.

Tax Clinic:  Need help with filing tax returns? No problem! Project Welcome can help newcomers, refugees, and permanent residents file basic tax returns.

Mentorship and Resources: Ready to start or grow your business? Project Welcome offers trained coaches who work with newcomers on a one-on-one basis to help them take their business ideas to the next level. Some of our services include assistance with creating business plans, networking, marketing, funding, legal aid, industry analysis and more. We also provide one on one mentorship to help with adjusting to life in Canada.

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