Project Myaah started in late November 2015, by the combined efforts of Benjamin Canning and Omar El Araby. As a social enterprise, our main goal is to pursue the triple bottom line (i.e. people, profit, and planet). Most importantly, our main purpose is to improve people’s living conditions through exploiting the earth’s natural raw resources. The company follows the famous ideology of “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” Sustainability is at the centerfold of our business. To ensure that the business will remain sustainable, the project will be implemented in four steps: Education, Manufacturing, Selling, and Reinvestment. The business’s philosophy can be concluded in being people oriented and not profit driven.

IMG_4026Our product is a ceramic water filter created by local hands from easily accessible raw resources such as sawdust, charcoal, and sand. The water filter can clean any contaminated water and make it safe for drinking, cleaning, cooking or farming. The contaminated water can be poured into the top of the ceramic water filter. The water then passes through the filter, and becomes accessible clean water for the consumer.

The water filter can kill 99% of waterborne diseases and viruses. In addition, it filters any kind of contaminated water such as: sewage water, salted water, and groundwater. This makes the water filter useable in any environment whether it’s a desert environment or an ocean environment.

Since May 2016 Project Myaah has successfully achieved various milestones. We have conducted need assessment tests for 5 families located in the New Valley Governorate, and we have received the desired funds needed from our local partner which is El Araby Group. Currently we are working and testing the prototype to see if the water that the filter produces meets the standards of the Egyptian government. Furthermore, Omar has extended his stay in Egypt until September 4, 2016 to visit the families that we conducted the assessment needs test with and start working on ground with them to achieve the project’s goals. By the end of August 2016, we will directly impact around 1,000 people, employ around 100 people, and filter around 10, 000 liters of water.

Within the first two years of business we are targeting to directly impact over 9000 individuals. 120 families (averaging 5 people per family) will earn over 420 Egyptian Pounds a year. Furthermore, over 1,000,000 liters of water will be filtered into clean drinking water.

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Omar El Araby – Project Manager – oelaraby@ryerson.ca
Benjamin Canning – Project Manager – ben.canning88@gmail.com