The goal of this project is to provide healthier and sustainable cooking solutions to the people of Haiti and concurrently supporting the environmental development through our activities.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% of the population living in poverty. In the context of climate change, and ever more expensive and insecure energy supplies, this past year, Enactus Ryerson has been working with The KAMI Foundation, a Canadian organization operating in Haiti to demonstrate that jatropha oil can fuel Haiti’s future development in a sustainable way, to the benefit of local people.

In 2009, KAMI sourced kerosene stoves for the Haitians in Terrier Rouge, a village in northern Haiti. The stoves are healthier, less time consuming alternatives to traditional cooking methods, safe to use indoors and less expensive. While kerosene is available in Haiti, a more sustainable fuel would be one produced there. With one minor adjustment, KAMI stoves work successfully on jatropha biofuel. Our goal is to make these stoves fully functional with jatropha oil in lieu of kerosene.

Jatropha is an inedible oilseed that can grow well in Haiti. At present, 6,000 jatropha trees have been planted in Haiti. Our goal is to encourage more local farmers’ cooperatives to grow jatropha, and use KAMI’s oil extractor, to produce a supply of biofuel for their cooking needs.

Our project goals:
Create a holistic solution that hits the triple bottom line by:
PROFIT: Reverse engineering the stoves to lower the price by 30-40% to ensure more community members can afford the stoves.
PEOPLE: Implementing business and social models; using the spirit of entrepreneurship we will start several new initiatives that will be locally operated. These businesses will utilize the vast applications of jatropha oil to further encourage a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
PLANET: Establishing best practice means of planting, harvesting and extracting jatropha biofuel.
a) We will be decreasing CO2 emissions and deforestation by replacing the use of Charcoal with Jatropha.
b) Provide the community of Terrier Rouge with environmental education

To learn more about our project and our partners please visit their website at: www.kamifoundationforhaiti.org.

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Tayyaba Sakhi – Project Manager – tsakhi@ryerson.ca